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Karl Gasleben

His music life was born next to a synthesizer a long time ago. Via the bands ”Anna Själv Tredje” and Cosmic Overdose he ended up in Twice a Man.

But he has also let his synths be heard in ”Beehive plains”, ”The Butterfly Effect”. And besides ”Twice a Man” he is still working with ”The Ändå”. And he is also a live musician in Anna Öbergs live band Härsk.

Twice a Man

The Ändå


Peter Davidson

Has collaborated with Twice a man, The Butterfly effect, Beehive plains -to name a few. He has released a number of ambient instrumental works which can be found here:


Anna Öberg

She has been a composer and musician in various bands since the 80's, first in her birthplace Helsingborg and then in her hometown Gothenburg. Synth- and string-based band Ladomir was her musical base for a long time.

She has released three solo albums  ”härsknar”, ”Vafan har jag gjort!” and ”Varelser inuti”.

Spotify link:


Karin My

The full-length debut from Karin My, ”Silence Amygdala”, is simultaneously a collection of very dark fairy tales and a rather accessible pop album. An original sound - airy and eerie at the same time - on top of which Karin's subdued voice hovers.

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