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Karl Gasleben

His music life was born next to a synthesizer a long time ago. Via the bands ”Anna Själv Tredje” and Cosmic Overdose he ended up in Twice a Man.

But he has also let his synths be heard in ”Beehive plains”, ”The Butterfly Effect”. And besides ”Twice a Man” he is still working with ”The Ändå”. And he is also a live musician in Anna Öbergs live band Härsk.

Twice a Man

The Ändå


Peter Davidson

Has collaborated with Twice a man, The Butterfly effect, Beehive plains -to name a few. He has released a number of ambient instrumental works which can be found here:


Anna Öberg

She has been a composer and musician in various bands since the 80's, first in her birthplace Helsingborg and then in her hometown Gothenburg. Synth- and string-based band Ladomir was her musical base for a long time.

She has released three solo albums  ”härsknar”, ”Vafan har jag gjort!” and ”Varelser inuti”.

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Karin My

The full-length debut from Karin My, ”Silence Amygdala”, is simultaneously a collection of very dark fairy tales and a rather accessible pop album. An original sound - airy and eerie at the same time - on top of which Karin's subdued voice hovers.

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Karl Gaslebenfrom Twice a Man is the  force behind this album.The material is taken from his folder of songs that now finally found their true expression. In collaboration with his good friends Peter Davidson, Anna Öberg and Karin My,  the songs have evolved into small masterpieces of  eccentric  synthpop.The songs touches subjects as,  self-defense,  resistance, solitude and leaning upwards.