ANNA ÖBERG - ”Varelser inuti”

Nytt album 6 nov 2020



New album 6 nov 2020

ANNA ÖBERG - ”Varelser inuti”


Varelser inuti  (Creatures Inside)

Anna Öberg releases her third solo album.


The musician, composer and artist Anna Öberg takes further steps into her very personal synth universe.

With her third solo album, "Varelser inuti", she once again shows her masterful craftsmanship.

As one of the most exciting artists in the Swedish synth genre, Anna Öberg once again shows how synthesizers can sound innovative, modern and mind expanding.

The album has its own personal identity and you will find elements of electronic music, post-punk, industrial and synth pop. As on the previous albums, ”Härsknar" and ”Vafan har jag gjort!”, Anna has produced together with Charles Storm (Håkan Hellström, Exit North etc.) and although the sound is placed in 2020, the backbone of the instrumentation is analog synthesizers from the 80´s and junkyard sampling.

The lyrics are in Swedish and link to topics that concern us all. There are both uplifting vocabulary and definitive statements. Slogans that can fill our lives. The album mixes between revolting songs and exciting musical excursions, all with a new modern sound. Varelser inuti is a must for those who care about music that matters, for real.


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